Margie N.

Professional and skilled help added with courteous manner

Audrey B.

Great staff! Helped me with my pain from 9 to a 2.

Susan S.

Fantastic staff and very clean. Got an adjustment done before my vacation and so glad I did!

Rick M.

Mr. Morgan is Awesome, staff is very nice.

Rebekah G.

Great chiropractor, he seems to be really invested in how you are feeling. The massages and adjustments are very helpful and I feel like I'm well on my way to feeling better. The staff is polite and helpful when you ask questions and are not rude at all.

Todd M.

Excellent private practice full spectrum chiro services. The facility is very well maintained! The Dr. Is very experienced and most assuredly helpful.

Veronica C.

I could not walk correctly and did not get any sleep the night before due to the pain. Thank you!! My mom is now also back to her normal life. Thank you!!! Also, his staff is amazing. They are attentive and great you with smiles.

Tracey E.

Wonderful staff, wonderful doctor

Selinda R.

I've been going there since it opened. Dr. M. Keeps me comfortably on my feet. Great staff too.

Aaron S.

There have been other Doctors that have trouble getting my spine to adjust. Dr. Morgan is able to get me to relax enough to let him adjust me. I tried physical therapy elsewhere and it just doesn't work for my pain level. If you can maintain your monthly visits Dr. Morgan will keep your body feeling good!

Mark L.

I went in with extreme pain in my neck a 9 out of 10 and after the first treatment there was a huge difference. I have had 3 treatments in the last week and I am feeling 100%. I'm a big guy so it's hard to find someone who can give me an adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Morgan.

Carmen L.

Awesome adjustments!


Dr. Morgan is a very good chiropractor, the staff are very respectful and helpful, if I could give 10 stars I would.

Edward C.

Dr. Morgan and staff help me greatly. I am a current patient.